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The New Changes on Facebook News Feed

Facebook news feedFacebook is one of the world’s most profitable companies. The reason for this is related to the fact that the company is always trying to adapt by introducing changes its web page design. Since its inception, the company has hit the headlines more than a dozen times of its intention to introduce new changes to its web page. Recently, the company hit the headlines as it introduced new changes to the look of its News Feed, user settings, and advertisements on the site. With currently over a billion active users, talks of a “Facebook fatigue” are rife in many circles.

The company hosted an event at its headquarters in Melon Park, California to unveil the new changes to its News Feed. This is the second time the company is hosting the media at the same venue to unveil new changes to its web page. Previously, the company hosted an event to unveil a new search feature. In the recent event, it was not apparent whether new changes will be following soon. Sources close to the company are silent on the issue.

The new changes come a month after a report from the Pew Research Center alleged that most of the active users on Facebook take weeks on end without visiting the site. The report pointed out that 61% of Facebook users took breaks for reasons ranging from abstinence during the Lent period, avoiding information thought to be irrelevant that found on the site, or plain boredom. Other reasons not mentioned include “Facebook fatigue” caused by introduction of changes by the company.

The talks of “Facebook fatigue” relate to the fact that users have to adjust to new features every time Facebook Inc. introduces new changes. Compared to other social media sites, the rate that Facebook is introducing changes is generally considered too much. Its users have not shied away from expressing their discontent at some of the changes to the site.

The current changes are geared towards boosting Facebook’s advertising revenues. This is prompting a backlash from users who are not keen on being bombarded by adverts. Brian Blau, an analyst from Gartner, shares such sentiment by stating that he is hoping that the company can introduce changes that will help him control content from companies that he has not subscribed to. He further points out that an “unike button” or a “like plus” button would be a great idea.

In the past, Facebook has been quick to send guidelines and address any concerns that its users may have when it comes to new changes. In a fast changing social media environment, it admits that it is losing younger generation users migrating to other social media sites.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the use of Facebook is still increasing especially when it comes to Facebook mobile. With the introduction of new smart phones, the use of Facebook mobile is set to increase. Facebook points out that the inactive users, especially from the younger generation, may be migrating to Instagram, where there are no adverts. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

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