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Robot That Can Learn, Think And Act By Itself

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Paralyzed Patient Controls Robot with Mental Thoughts

robotA round robot scurries in Milan’s science laboratory, bumping furniture and people in an office. That would sound completely ordinary, a robot moving around an office causing annoyance perhaps in its small round shape; it’s just that, the robot is being controlled by a paralyzed patient more than 50 miles away and not with the use of a remote control or joystick, but with electrical signals from the brain.

The robot was designed as part of an experiment that can help disabled patients use robotic devices with mental control in order to help them communicate and handle objects. The robot defines its action by merging the conscious controlling thoughts of the patient along with computer calculated algorithms for it to create action. Jose del R. Milan developed a software that greatly improves the robots usability and the control it receives from the user. for example the robot can calculate to find a door when it is about to jump off the stairs. Read the full story

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