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A new approach to the effect of gravity on the growth of plants

plantGravitational force influences how living organisms respond to one another, their physical and chemical environment as well as how they develop and diversify. It is clear in general how plants respond to the force of gravity. The roots respond by growing towards the force of gravity while the stems grow upwards against gravity to get exposure to the sunlight. Botanists have in the past tried to explain exactly how plant cells are able to sense gravity, communicate with other cells and respond accordingly. However, a recent review of the current knowledge by the American Journal of Botany shows that there is much more we need to know on the mechanisms involved. There is a better molecular explanation of what actually happens. Read the full story

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Dry Or Wet Cat Food?

Cats are meat eaters, and even though commercially prepared food is formulated to address their specific nutritional needs, most store-bought cat food will contain both animal and plant materials, supplemented with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

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