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A troop of miniature robots play Beethoven’s tunes on virtual piano

pianoThe new generation of robot swarm called Khepera Bots from Georgia Tech plays the familiar classical tune Beethoven’s Fur Elise.┬áThe researchers from the laboratories of GRITS (Georgia Robotics and Intelligent Systems) have done this at Georgia Tech. They programmed these miniature robots to play Beethoven’s on a virtual piano on a flat plane. The robots figured out themselves and one robot leads the troop as a leader who knows the information about playing the tune. The leader robot knows how and where a robot has to be to produce the perfect notes. He assigns the role to other robots by conveying the message to play Fur Elise.

The Khepera team contains miniature bots of just 5.5 cm across their thimble shaped body. Each robot contains two wheels to move and a host of sensors which includes the antenna and tiny hat for the communication. Read the full story

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