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Space Lift To The Moon

moonWhen Neil Armstrong made his first appearance on the moon in 1969, no one ever thought that we would be standing here 100 years later, watching as a space shuttle gets ready to lift off for another endeavor to the moon. The year 2069 will see one of the first space shuttle launches in years that will carry people to the moon, and hopefully, back again. We will watch and wait as the people in the space craft go up to the moon, walk around, and attempt to come back home. But what are they going to the moon for? The answer to this question is simple.

As the Earth’s surface has deteriorated to the point that no one can really live on it anymore, we have had to look at other sources of life so we can sustain our water and soil. The one place we have found that may have water is the moon. There are five astronauts who have decided to go to the moon and walk around the surface to try to find water on the moon’s surface. If they discover the moon has water, then they will begin sending other shuttles up to the moon in the months to come. Some of the water on the moon has proved to be usable as there have been insects discovered living in the water in some of the craters on the moon.

One other reason that the space shuttle has decided to go back to the moon is that because of all the earthquakes that Earth has been experiencing in the past 20 years, we don’t know if the Earth will remain standing for very much longer and we need to find somewhere else to send mankind. If the moon has so much as a tiny chance of being habitable, we may be able to take that chance up a notch and make a new home on the moon’s surface. Two of the astronauts, Greg Kitchengs and Saundra Tapper, will be looking at the gravitational pull on the moon’s surface to see if there could be buildings erected on the surface of the moon. If this comes back as a positive, then we could begin going forward with a plan here on Earth to start building homes on the moon. Let us watch as the space shuttle S.A.V.E. launches into deep space for what could be Earth’s lifesaving mission.

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Monitoring Software

The Internet can be tricky for parents to deal with because kids often need to use the Internet for school, but parents parents are often worried about the various activities that their children might be engaged in. Peer-to-peer file sharing can lead to lawsuits and even a criminal prosecution. Some teens might engage in activities online that are embarrassing to the family or may lead to viruses or hackers accessing the computer. Fortunately, there are various forms of monitoring software that can offer parental control.

Monitoring software can also be very helpful when parents are trying to learn what their children are up to, such as whether they are attending class or doing their homework.

Many teens use the computer purchased specifically for schoolwork to play computer games or chat with friends. Monitoring software can not only record activities on the computer, but smartphone software such as Mobile Spy can silently record the teen's GPS information, text messages and phone call information.

Monitoring software sits silently on a computer or mobile device and monitors all of the activities carried out on the device, encouraging the teen to consistently use the device for communication. Activity is usually uploaded to an online account so that the parent can monitor activity from anywhere without having to get close to the phone. This is crucial since parents will usually not have physical access to the phone without arousing suspicion.

Many monitoring programs also come with keystroke loggers, which log keys recorded on the computer, a contextual blocker, and features that allow parents to block certain websites. All of these features allow parents to have a peace of mind when allowing their teens to use the Internet.