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Japanese security firm renting out a private drones

Quadrotor droneSecom, a renowned Japanese Security company is planning to rent out a private drone that will fly to the crime scene and record it live. According to a company spokesman it will be activated as soon as someone sets off the alarm.

The private drone has a small surveillance camera which can send the live footage of the crime scene. This airborne security unit is supposed to be the first private drone being used as a security measure.

Asuka Saito, a spokesman of Secom has said that it is a highly advanced flying robot that is alarmed by any breach in the online security system. She further said that it could be used to check out the live crime scenes and suspicious occurrences in any spot.

The machine is a Quadrotor drone, it has four powerful rotors that helps it to fly quickly and also improves movement precision. Germany’s Ascending Technologies has actually provided this model and it was further developed upon by the Secom security company. They added a high resolution camera and developed a custom software for its operation.

This private drone rented by the Secom security company will be the first autonomous quadrocopter, it will be measuring 60 centimeters (24 inches) in width and weigh about 3.5 pounds (1.6 k.g). The drone will be having a built in laser and it will be used to track the motion of the suspects so that the drone can follow them anywhere. This machine will not be limited to an area and hence unlike static surveillance cameras they would be able to cover a lot of ground. It will allow the managers of factories and warehouses to monitor large ranges quickly.

Secom will be renting out the security drone for an approximate monthly cost of 5000 yen ($58). Asuka Saito said that it would be available for rent after April 2014. The company is also interested to rent it overseas.

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