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Insight into mind controlled robots

mind controlled robotMind or rather brain controlled robots are robots that are programmed by a human’s thoughts. This is not only things that are widely seen or anticipated to be in movies but with the CNRS-AIST research organization in Japan who are working tirelessly to be in reality. However this mostly is to benefit people with serious medical conditions. This is thanks to the introduction of the robotic system. This system is a major relief to scientists since it is not complicated to use and it has simple instructions because it does use the human being’s mind in order to operate.

The robotic system comprises of three divisions whereby the foremost is a cap which is usually worn by the person in which it incarcerates the patterns that are made by the brain waves. The second division is a sign processor that deduces and understands the brain waves then revolves them into various guidelines that can easily be comprehended by the robot. Lastly the third division is the robot that is in form of a human being. Using the robotic system involves a person sitting and staring at a computer screen which has alternating arrows near the edges then the signal processor will recognize the specific arrow that is being studied. After the study, it will send a command to the robot indicating it to act in response that has by now been programmed. Looking at an alternating arrow pointing one direction like for instance the right direction makes the robot to stride to the right direction. Since the robotic system has no specific motor management, it has already been taught how to propel in different directions completely. The information the robot obtains from the person are totally simple and basic .

The robot demonstrates initial step in the direction of the creation of real avatars, meaning that the robots are able to move about in the real world by being restricted by a person’s thought who is seated in a remote locality. Nevertheless, the robotic system can also carry out instructions which are basically simple to the person who is looking at well identified things as well. For instance, if the person is seated in a remote locality wearing the cap staring at a bottle of water shown on the screen then the processor directs signals or commands to the robot to take a nearby glass of water and pass it to the person. This shows that such a robotic system aims at helping people who have been paralyzed for a very long time. Scientists are so grateful for the introduction of this robotic system by researchers in Japan since it has made it easier for their patients like the paraplegic patients by giving them more power over what is surrounding them. The main goal that the research is achieving is to create a system that lets a person feel motivated by the system making them control a robot as if they were part of it and are serving as the brain thus viewing the whole universe from its point of view.

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