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Improve Learning Skills

In today’s competitive times, students usually tend to focus on improving immediate grades at school rather than improving their learning skills. Efforts to improve immediate grades can only impact the short term studying scenario of a student; where as for success in all facets of life, it is important to improve overall learning skills.

Learning skills can be defined as a cumulative package of skills like time management, self motivation, leadership, goal setting, stress management, memory enhancement skills and all other skills that are a pre requisite to help students excel not only academically, but in other spheres as well. With increased involvement of students in areas like sports, music, and other extra curricular activities, today the stress is not just on excelling academically but also in activities that go beyond the classrooms. This fierce competition both within and outside the classrooms has led to a sudden prominence in problems arising out of low self confidence, lack of focus, over expectations leading to increased stress, weaker memory etc. amongst school students.

By improving learning skills, students can be better equipped to cope with the added pressure and overcome issues that stem directly from growing expectations and the resultant stress. Students can start by preparing a time schedule for themselves that primarily allocates time for all the major activities. An exercise like this will help student balance his/her school activities with the extra-curricular activities. Earmarking time of for all required activities in this manner and prioritizing between activities and tasks results in lesser pressure on the students and prevents them from having to constantly juggle between places and tasks.

The next key to improving learning skills is to keep one’s motivational and confidence levels high. Do not let a single defeat hamper your confidence levels. It is important to keep in mind that success and defeat are two sides of the same coin. Participating with a complete 100 percent zest adds to the total experience and makes a world of difference in the long run.

Yet another important point in improving learning skills is to hone leadership skills. It is important for students to identify early in their lives, the skills that are required to direct and motivate classmates/friends towards a common goal. Working towards a skill like this right from the formative years will continue to prove beneficial for students long after they have stepped out of the school environment. Honing leadership skills will eventually equip students to become better managers and leaders in their professional lives.

For improving learning skills it is also important for students to effectively set their goals. With students performing a multitude of activities these days, they usually lack a ‘single-minded’ focus. Students are invariably stressing on quantity over quality in an attempt to be a ‘master of all’ and are in the process, neglecting the importance of setting goals and working towards them with a single-minded dedication. Therefore, if as a student you aspire to excel in academics and other aspects of life then, taking out time to jot down those goals and making an action plan to achieve the same, should be the very first step.

Time is, and always will be, a valuable resource for everyone, particularly for school children. Good time management skills coupled with a good memory can keep students in good stead. With voluminous course content it becomes imperative for students to enhance their memory and thus improve their learning skills. Eating healthy food, getting sound sleep, engaging in regular exercises for the brain such as puzzles and other games can also go a long way in enhancing memory and overall recall.

Now that you have realized the importance of improving learning skills, working towards it wholeheartedly will result in holistic success. And I am positive, that with the required skills in place nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

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