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Facebook’s New Features

FacebookFacebook being the most popular social network has been implementing new upgrades to make the site more user-friendly. In the last few years, Facebook has experienced an unmatched growing popularity since its development. It has continually been upgrading its layouts and features to ensure that its users get the best out of it. This has been a key trait of retaining its competitiveness and relevance in the social networks despite encountering stiff competition from other social networking sites. Its latest upgrade last Wednesday focused on the development of new profile pages. The reason behind the redesigning was to eliminate clutter from its “timelines” which register postings made by members. Rose Yao, a Facebook official had explained in a blog posting that the redesigning had been done as a result of comments from Facebook users that the timeline layout was difficult to read.

Yao explained that the redesigning was advantageous in that, in the new profile page, posts were on the right hand side of the timeline while on the left side, music, photos and any recent activities were displayed. This resulted in making the pages orderly and more user-friendly. She further explained that the refurbishing had also been done on other segments of the social networks’ pages. The inclusion of music and photos on the left side was meant to enable people display their interests such as music, television shows, books, films along with uploaded pictures. People using instagram, a photo-sharing service by Facebook for smartphones could also stream pictures into their timelines.

The upgrade also made it easier for Facebook users to share their preferences in films. This would simply be done by synching it with apps from flixster or Netflix. Specifically, US users can now share using Netflix what they have watched at film and television show streaming service with friends. Late last year, a change was made by Congress to the Privacy Protection Act. Consequently, the California-based Netflix was free to join the music sharing services that have synched with Facebook. Previously, Netflix has incorporated its provision outside the United States no wonder the long wait by US social network users particularly in Facebook.

Transformation by Facebook began a week back with streaming of apprises from friends’ homepages into a custom-made broadsheet with news drawn out from the national to the international. The News Feed on homepages was overhauled to clean up litter and contemporary “bright, beautiful” stories. These are for instance, acumens from friends’ networks or popular topics of the day.

The co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that he thinks that there is global potential for the mentioned personalized newspaper in presenting the revamped News Feed. The personalized newspaper has a front page as well as a top news section or let users go in-depth into any topic they want. Undeniably, Facebook has made very commendable progress and it is gradually undulating out the News Feed, Currently, its newsfeed is accessible from desktops or laptop, and it will be available to tablets and smartphones applications in the forthcoming weeks.

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