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Dog grooming is a must!

Bath your furry friend with special dog shampoo as often as needed. Not only will it keep your dog smelling nice and keep its skin clean, but it will also prevent your canine from too much licking and scratching, causing hairless patches or sore spots. Be sure to brush your dog before each bath in order to get all of the mats and tangles out of its coat. It is recommended to get your dog professionally groomed from head-to-tail every 4 to 8 weeks, not only to keep him or her clean and healthy, but also to keep nasty fleas and ticks out of the fur.


Proper grooming is an important part of any dog’s health care. Through regular brushing and combing its owner will prevent wicket matting and tangles, and will help to remove dead hair and dirt. The brushing strokes will also stimulate the blood supply to the skin, can prevent skin irritation, and keep the coat healthier and shinier.

Start brushing your pet at an early age and proceed slowly. Reward your dog after a successful session with treats and plenty of praise, and soon you both will view this part of the grooming process as a fun and bonding experience.


The nails of your pet should be trimmed with special pet clippers. It is a good idea to have a vet technician, veterinarian or dog groomer show you how to trim the nails the first time, using pedicure scissor- or guillotine-style clippers, especially designed for canine and feline toe nails. Also, keep a small bottle of blood-clotting powder nearby in case of an accident.

A recently introduced new type of nail trimmer will actually grind the nails down to the proper length with hardly any discomfort or danger to your pet.

Grooming services and professional groomers will include ear inspections and cleaning in their checkups. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to do additional maintenance, as regular ear cleaning contributes to healthy dog ears. It keeps them free of painful infections and reduces the chance for permanent hearing loss. Typical signs of ear problems include redness, constant scratching, head shaking and odor.


Pet dentistry has become an established aspect of good veterinary care, and with good reason. Like humans, dogs can get cavities, gingivitis and other dental problems, but unlike us they cannot tell us where it hurts. Canine teeth are also prone to plaque and tartar buildup and if not removed routinely by a veterinarian, they may cause periodontal disease. In addition, bacteria growth in your four-footed friend’s mouth needs to be prevented, as that too may cause more than just bad breath.

A normal adult canine mouth usually has 42 teeth – a puppy less. As part of a carnivorous diet, canine teeth are designed to rip and shred food and because of its intense usage should be cleaned daily with a pet toothpaste, with small bristles. Cleanings and scaling performed by a veterinarian may also be required to complete your dog’s oral health care.

Looking after your tail-wagging “best friend” can be a rewarding experience, not only for him or her, but also for yourself… so why not get in the habit?

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