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vaccinesVaccines administered to children are supposed to trigger production of antibodies which help the immune system to fight off infections. There are certain chemicals however, if present in the body of such children may slow down or even stop the vaccines from producing enough amounts of antibodies. This can lead to weakening of the immune system therefore making the child vulnerable and prone to infections. These substances are called PFOA and PFOS and are mainly located in the blood stream.

The chemicals are found in a class of compound known as Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) which have been yielded by the productions of chemicals used widely in homes. This is because of the fact that they make utensils and fabrics stain repellant and also they induce non stick properties. For example, Teflon and Scotchgard. These chemicals pollute the water and food. They end up being ingested by children leading to lower immune response even after immunization. The body is not able to produce enough antibodies to fight infections. Continue Reading


red ribbom

Cure for Aids finally found

red ribbomAs one of the biggest things to hit the health world, there is now a cure for AIDS. For years people have been suffering from the horrible syndrome. Though here have been plenty of fake cures ever since the syndrome emerged in the 80’s, this cure has finally been scientifically proven to cure AIDS. Finding the cure for AIDS has always been thought of as an impossible task because it would need to clear the body of HIV. The virus replicates and then inserted into human cells and then the infected cells produce more HIV cells in the body and the cure helps reverse the process. These CD4 cells will then start to disappear and then the HIV virus will then start to slowly disappear.

The problem was that these CD4 cells will expand quickly and those who are sick will soon die. Now that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has been able to come up with a cure, every single infected cell is removed and making sure that the virus stays dormant. The cure was found on January 24 2017 but was not released to the public until only a few days ago as people were automatically skeptical as to whether or not the cure was legit. Continue Reading

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Image courtesy of Lori Johnston, RMS Titanic Expedition 2003, NOAA-OE

Halomonas titanicae, a new form of bacteria

Image courtesy of Lori Johnston, RMS Titanic Expedition 2003, NOAA-OE

Canadian and Spanish researchers have discovered a new form of bacteria, called Halomonas titanicae, which is contributing to deterioration of the the world’s most famous shipwreck.

The discovery was made by researchers Henrietta Mann, Delahousie University (Canada), and Cristina S├ínchez-Porro and Antonio Ventosa, University of Seville, in a “rusticle” hanging from the Titanic at a depth of four thousand meters.

“Rusticle” appears like a stalactite formations but is created by corrosion of the metal of the Titanic in the deep sea.

Dalhousie University along with other partners, stated the bacterium Halomonas titanicae seems to be responsible for the creation of “rusticles” wich accelerate corrosion of metal. Continue Reading

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Are Baby Formulas Healthy?

Are Baby Formulas Healthy?

babyNew parents find that there is a lot of conflicting advice about how to raise their little ones either online, in books or in magazines. One of the greatest debates is whether or not baby formulas are healthy. Of course, experts agree that breastfeeding is the ideal choice for new moms and their infants. While this may hold true, many women do not breastfeed or only choose to do so for a short time. That is why it is important for new parents to feel confident in giving their babies formula. Continue Reading

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