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Anthony "Tony" Maglica: Inventor and Free Enterprise Champion

Enterprise ChampionAnthony Maglica is the founder of Mag Instrument Inc. They are the manufacturer of the universally known Mag lite flashlight, which has become standard issue gear for police departments world wide. Maglite flashlights were created by Maglica himself.

Anthony Maglica: The Early Years

Born in New York in 1930, Maglica grew up on the island of  Zlarin off the coast of Croatia where he moved to with his family during the great depression of the 1930’s. During World War II, Croatia was left destitute, in 1950 Maglica decided to move back to the United States of America. Maglica decided to settle in Ontario, California. Anthony Maglica spoke little English when he returned to the states. He found work as a machinist, he learned of a boss who made extra money on the side machining hydraulic parts. Maglica found a metal lathe for a $1000 and convinced the owner to give it to him for a $125 down payment with the agreement to pay the rest with monthly payments. Anthony Maglica’s little side job turned in to a full blown corporation in 1975. This little machine store was the predecessor of the Maglite corporation.

Anthony Maglica: Champion of the American Dream

Maglica set out to do what the fore fathers of the U.S.A  set out to do when they immigrated to the United States. Anthony Maglica dad a dream of becoming something and he made it come true. Anthony Maglica is a true example of free enterprise and the true made in America attitude. Every one of his Maglite flashlight are made right here in the United States from domestic materials. When Maglica designed and manufactured the Maglite he revolutionized the industry. Maglica believed he found the key for making a product that has a demand all over the world through innovation, high quality products, design, and unparalleled customer service.

Maglite Begins

As his company started to rise Maglica set out to design and manufacture a new and improved flashlight that targeted at the public security industry, the Maglite was introduced to the nation in 1979. The police officers, firemen and mechanics quickly spread the word about this unique and rugged new flashlight. this first Maglite was made from anodized aluminum, the same material they are manufactured from today. Maglica had accomplished his goal with this new flashlight, he changed the portable lighting industry forever. Maglica kept up with his innovations by creating the Mag Recharger System, The Mini Maglite AA, and the even smaller Mini Maglite AAA. The Maglite has since then been referred to as “the work of art that really works”.

The Maglite Expansion

With its home offices in Ontario, California, Mag Instrument has 850 employees and takes up 450 000 square feet of space. This area is taken up by a factory, offices, and distribution center. A newly integrated factory is being constructed and is expected to offer 2500 more jobs. Maglica’s goal is for no less than 50% of the companies business to come from exports. Maglica is personally involved with every aspect of the company himself from research to development. He is so highly respected that a once CEO of Apple Computers said that he hoped that he could make Apple the Maglite of computers. Maglica takes pride in being able to provide consumers with a product that is consistently better than his competitors. He has proved that a made in america product can make a global demand for itself through technological advancements and that improve quality and cut costs.

Maglite In The Future

Maglica has several new products under development that he will only release when he is personally satisfied that their design and performance are up to Mag Instrument standards. While he waits, he has plenty of side projects to take up his time, including having an environmental reclamation center built in his hometown of  Zlarin, Croatia. As you can see, Anthony Maglica has exemplified that hard work and dedication can make you a success in the system of free enterprise. Anthony Maglica knew the true meaning of the american dream.

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