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A cloud of gas and dust approaching the black hole Sagittarius A*

Milky WayOne concept that eludes all scientists is the black hole because it is of heavy mass and it is believed to absorb everything that comes in its way. Scientists have discovered a new thing that shows that very soon astronomical crackers are going to burst as a mass of cloud and gas is heading towards the center of the galaxy Milky Way where the black hole is believed to be there.

The name of the black hole as kept by scientist is Sagittarius A*. It has weight as compared to the 4 Million solar weights. The distance between this black hole and our earth is about 27,000 light years. Sun is believed have a turnaround time of around 230 Million years in the orbit around the black hole but there is another star which has a turnaround time of around 16 years. Max plank institute of extraterrestrial physics in Germany has been keeping a close tab on the black hole and its surroundings.

The studies have revealed about an object approaching the black hole. Large telescope with infrared wavelength is being used for doing check on the black hole and its surroundings. The specified object is going nearer to the black hole everyday with a great speed. Infrared wave of wavelength 3.76 microns could detect the object while wavelength of 2.16 microns failed to detect the presence of the object. The object approaching is believed to be a collection of gas and dust because the object was only visible with greater wavelength while the stars are visible at lesser wavelength. The stars are very hot hence they dazzle at a very low wavelength.

The cloud has a mass of thrice as that of earth and it emits the energy thrice as that of sun. The temperature of this object is about 550 Kelvin which less hot than that of Venus. The black hole has very high gravitational force hence the acceleration of the object is increasing day by day. Ad compared to the speed of the object 1200 kilometers per second the speed has been twice in the year 2011. The speed has reached 2350 km/s with which an aero plane will take 17 secs to revolve around the earth once. The study shows that the object would reach the black hole at around summer 2013. The impact will be there with a distance of the cloud from black hole at 260 times that of the distance between earth and the sun. The best moment will be to see the cloud being destroyed by the black hole which could be seen through the telescope.

When the cloud will hit the black hole it is going to emit all the energy it has and the energy would be radiated in the form of X-ray. The temperature that would produce with the end of the cloud would be the main reason for production of x-ray. Many scientists believe that the cloud may not be absorbed by the black hole but it may happen that the cloud would go pass through the black hole and it can be a periodic event. Only the year 2013 can make it clear, what is going to happen.

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