Electronic Music

Electronic music, abbreviated as EM, is a genre of the wider progressive music. Originally, electronic music as largely played by rock musicians on synthesizers. They usually had links to progressive rock music. However, the new ear electronic musicians have little or no link to progressive music.

Electronic music is usually more of instrumental music that incorporates long track generated by use of synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments. This music creates a cosmic atmosphere and is usually characterized by timbre musical sounds. Continue Reading

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Food Science

Simply put, food science is an advanced discipline that seeks to understand various aspects of food. Nutritionists, engineers and food technologists have for a long time been interested in understanding how food products come to be, how they are grown and how their pedigree can be improved to provide greater quality at the processing stage. In doing so, scientists manage to keep existing delicacies at their peak condition and improve on low quality strains of particular products.

Food science extends beyond the basic practice of analyzing various products for their components and seeks to understand the distribution of vitamins, enzymes and minerals in every single grain. It also involves laying down scenarios for processing, preservation, packaging and the modification of food substances to fit into certain marketing and consumption profiles. Experts tasked with injecting new foods and diversifying existing varieties work to ensure that the right health protocols are followed in every single step of their work. This probably explains the presence of professional associations in the field.

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Dog grooming is a must!

Bath your furry friend with special dog shampoo as often as needed. Not only will it keep your dog smelling nice and keep its skin clean, but it will also prevent your canine from too much licking and scratching, causing hairless patches or sore spots. Be sure to brush your dog before each bath in order to get all of the mats and tangles out of its coat. It is recommended to get your dog professionally groomed from head-to-tail every 4 to 8 weeks, not only to keep him or her clean and healthy, but also to keep nasty fleas and ticks out of the fur.

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Discover Horse Clicker Training

Clicker training which originally came from the scientific term operant conditioning, is a slang name. It was originally used to train aquatic mammals, has continuously becoming more distinguished in training horses with its positive reinforcement.

Horse Clicker TrainingPositive reinforcement is given when the action that the trainer wants the animal to repeat is done properly. The concept of operant conditioning in psychology is where an animal learns a particular behavior or a task where reward is given for accomplished action. However, for the undesirable behavior or actions done by the animal aren’t rewarded and ignored. Therefore by giving rewards for getting things right make these horses more excited and fast in their learning.

Clicker training is a great tool to embrace other training methods. All you need to be started is a clicker, some treats, and a container for the rewards. Once you have got them, your horse is now on its way to obedience. There are no set rules to pursue when using the clicker training but the following will guide you to use this method to your advantage.

Condition it with the sound of the ‘click.’

Your horse has to know that the sound ‘click’ means a reward is coming. First try to click your clicker for a few times and reward it with a treat every time it hears the sound. After about 10-15 minutes, you must repeat the sequence of clicking followed by treating. Some horses may need more sessions, but there are horses that easily get accustomed to the clicker training after three sequences.

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Animal Care and Diseases

A condition which influences an animal’s health and ability to function is called a disease. Indeed, like humans, animals can become sick and may require surgery at an animal hospital, proper medication prescribed by a veterinarian, and lots of care at home to get better.

Pet owners love their companions and when the animals happen to get sick, they worry. When initial small behavioral changes were treated with simple, over the counter medication it may have brought relief to the animal, but if the symptoms keep persisting or get worse, it is best to book an appointment with the local veterinarian.

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Mining engineering

Mining engineering is basically an engineering discipline which involves the practice, the technology, the science, the theory, and the application of processing and extracting minerals from the naturally occurring environment. The mining engineering field provides a crucial link between the geo sciences and engineering technologies involved in mining and business end of global mining sector. The mining engineers generally team up with the geologists and various other such professionals in order to find ways of extracting vital and high value minerals from the ground/earth in the most sustainable and efficient ways possible in order to meet the ever increasing demands present in today’s resource hungry world.

Mining engineering

A mining engineer ensures an efficient and safe development of the mines and other underground and surface operations. The role basically combines understanding of effects of the structures on the surrounding environment, management skills and technical knowledge. A mining engineer is usually involved in every single stage of the project. Before the new site starts getting developed, the mining engineer assess its’ viability and assists with planning of the mine’s structure. He/she also manages and oversees the mining production process and is involved in the closure, and rehabilitation process.

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Relation between Fatty Diet and Brain Cells

Scientist’s endless efforts to conquer the problem of obesity are not new to the world. People are well-versed with the fact that researchers have been striving hard to eradicate the problem of obesity from its root. Their unstoppable thirst to look for a cure has made it possible to solve many unsolvable health complications. Likewise, a recent revelation of some factual information pertaining to obesity may help to address the doubt regarding effect of fatty foods on the cells of brain. Scientists undertook a research on mice. The research result advises that highly fatty foods initiate the production of some new brain cells which trigger weight gain in mice.

As per the opinion of experts like neuroscientist Seth Blackshaw of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a published online report on March 25th in Nature Neuroscience, except few rare cases, most part of the human brain does not make any new nerve cells. But there is a place called the median eminence, which makes new nerve cells throughout the whole life of a human being and is also a vital place of brain’s metabolism. Continue Reading

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Agriculture and Science

Growing food in an easy and affordable way

Agriculture and ScienceAgriculture plays a key role in the economy of every country. A country without sustainable food reserves will be forced to import food on a regular basis and this will have a huge impact on the government budget. Most government worldwide has put a lot of money towards improving agriculture. Large scale agriculture is practiced worldwide as a means of providing food for the people living in the urban areas. However, with the advancement in Agriculture and science, homeowners can cut down on costs of groceries by growing foods in an easy an affordable way. Through science, homeowners in urban areas can easily grow groceries in a limited space with ease helping save on expenses.

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Game Changing ‘Biowire’ Technology developed by Canadian Cardiovascular Research Team

researchMilica Radisic and her team recently announced in the scientific journal, Nature Methods, that they have developed a new method of maturing human heart cells by applying electrical pulses to the cells, in a pattern that mimics the fetal cardiac development of humans. The new technology, called ‘Biowire’ uses silk sutures to grow human heart cells which are mature enough to be used in research and transplantation. Electrical pulse is applied to the cardiomyocytes that mimics the fetal heart rate of humans to stimulate a natural environment for the heart cells to mature in. This new process has achieved much better results than previous methods to mature stem cells derived from human caridomyocytes.

Radisic, who is the Canada Research Chair in Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering, was named a “Top Innovator under 35″ by MIT Technology Review and has received the Order of Ontario and the Young Engineers of Canada 2012 Achievement Award. Her team included Dr. Sara Nunes, a scientist and cardiac and vascularization specialist at the University Health Network (UHN) Toronto, and Jason Miklas, a graduate student at the University of Toronto. Continue Reading

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Commute by Electric Skateboard…Using Brain Power?

electronic skateboard When considering electric transportation methods, a skateboard usually isn’t the first set of wheels that comes to mind. However, thanks to the advent of new technology, the long-time vehicle of choice by kids and rebel teens alike has shone a new light on daily commuting. Some of the latest decks are equipped with remote control devices, as well as the ability to be controlled by the mind.

When 50% of the world’s car trips are under five miles, and public transportation systems often leave the passengers walking the last mile to their destinations, it’s no wonder manufacturers are looking to market the electric skateboard as an eco-friendly alternative to getting around traffic while saving gas. It’s becoming a great commuting option for those with balance, according to William Hurley, co-founder of electric boarding pioneers, Chaotic Moon. “In fact,” Hurley remarks, “Several companies have emerged in the past two years in attempt to grab a piece of this growing market.” He mentions that the two largest trends in the market are controlling devices and battery options. Continue Reading

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The Forces That Drive Improved Productivity

Money Management SoftwareOrganizations and nations all over the world strive to improve and sustain productivity due to its profound impact; it leads to more income and high growth rate. There are forces that drive improved productivity and they can be grouped into two broad categories as explained below.

  1. Internal motivation.
  2. External motivation.

Internal motivation

These forces can be further categorized into two:

Individual internal motivation

Some people are naturally more ambitious than others and tend to be more productive. These people are self-driven and seek more work and responsibility. Individual internal motivation is determined by an individual’s background, culture and personal beliefs.

This internal motivation can be increased by setting personal goals and adapting a positive attitude towards work. Viewing work as a responsibility and not merely work to be done increase ones commitment while personal goals act as the internal drive which ultimately improve productivity.

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Building Home with Science and Making It Smart

Wonderful AtmosphereAlmost every person enjoys the numerous benefits of innovative and modern science. In fact, even when you’re not sure how something works, you still plan to buy and use it. Car engines, Internet, Cell phones – None of these devices and networks make perfect sense. However, we’ve still taken hold of these technologies. It won’t be exaggerating to say that we can’t live without them anymore. When it comes to real estate in the modern world, the same is true about houses. When building home, you need to use science and technology.

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Infectious animal diseases are caused by agents, such as a virus or bacteria, which penetrate the body and disrupt its natural defense mechanism. Noninfectious diseases, on the other hand, are caused by factors such as diet, environment, emotional distress, injury, and some heredity conditions.
Dog grooming When it comes to grooming, such as brushing, clipping and bathing, it is not just about keeping your loving companion looking beautiful, it is also about keeping your dog physiologically and psychologically healthy and offering it an extra chance to bond with you. A grooming ritual should include bathing, ear cleaning, as well as coat, nail and teeth maintenance.

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